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As a professional Newborn photographer in Utah, when do you tell your clients to book their photo sessions and how do you manage this? This is a very common question that many pregnant women ask. As a baby photographer myself, I have many pregnant women call me wondering how to schedule their newborn appointment. Of course a pregnant woman doesn’t know when she is going to deliver her baby, so scheduling a newborn appointment can become an interesting task.

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First you have to decide how old you want the baby to be when you actually do the newborn photography session in [category_name]. My opinion is within the first 10 days of birth you should be taking the baby’s photos for the best results. That is what I tell my clients, but with that said even just as recently as this week when I was taking photos of an 8 day old and she was so strong and alert that I had to be quite aggressive (in a soft way of course) just to get a wrap around her! I started thinking about it, why not have the new mother come the day she is out of the hospital? A new mother actually has more energy right when they come out of the hospital because they have been laying in a bed with nurses helping them for a few days. Many mothers are excited to get back to the real world and to their home with their new baby. After a week or more of being home is when many times these new mothers start to lose energy as they are getting up at night without the help from nurses anymore. So scheduling the professional Newborn photographer in  appointment for the day after the mother gets out of the hospital is the best case scenario for the mother and the newborn photographer as the baby will still be super sleepy.

So I know when I look at my calendar that I have a tentative newborn photography appointment that most likely will happen sometime within those two weeks. To make sure a photographer will have enough time to fit the newborn photography appointment in, just make sure you only have a certain amount of tentative newborn appointments scheduled every week.

Utah Baby and Newborn Photographer Utah

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Capturing the perfect picture of a baby can be a challenging but rewarding task. Baby photography is often lumped under the classification of children's photography, but baby photography is an entirely different animal altogether. Children are generally easier to work with as they can be instructed, but a small baby (which for purposes of this article we will define as under one year old) has a mind of its own.

As with children's photography, it is important to understand the development stage the baby is at in order to get the best smiles. The following are some tips for taking great pictures of babies at varies stages of development.

Up to Ten Weeks: At this stage there isn't a whole lot the baby can do but lie in a prone position. Compared to later stages, the baby is not too active at this point, so as long as the baby isn't fussy, pictures are fairly easy. Try laying the baby on its back and focusing the camera at the baby's head.

Four to Six Months: Now the baby can hold her head up, lie on her tummy, and prop her head up. The baby will watch and follow objects, reach for objects and grab. At this stage try placing the baby on her tummy, drag a toy in front of her to catch her attention, and pull it back to the camera. The baby's eyes should follow it and she will be looking straight at the camera when you snap the picture. The baby's lips are very sensitive and you can sometimes induce a smile by tickling the baby's lips with a small soft toy or tissue.

Six to Nine Months: Baby is now very alert and notices everything around her. She can typically sit up, craw and even pull herself up to a standing position holding on to objects such as a chair. At this stage the baby may respond to a gentle tickle which can be used to product a quick smile. However, you need to be fast because the laugh will be very short lived. You also need to be quick with the entire photo session as the baby's mood can change rapidly. A six to nine month old can be happy one minute and crying the next.

Nine Months to a Year: At this stage the baby responds very well to just about everything. However, with teeth coming in she can have periods of irritability that can't be resolved. She will also demand constant attention and the need to be entertained every waking minute. This entertainment can come from you or from a toy. Try playing peek-a-boo around the camera. Imitate the child's vocal sounds. Give her a prop to hold or play with. At least one of these methods is more likely than not to product a joyful smile.

One year to Eighteen Months: At this stage the line between baby photography and children's photography starts to blur. The baby will easily play with you at this stage. This means throwing ball, swinging an object, climbing on just about everything. At this stage some babies will also be shy with strangers so you may need the mothers help more at this stage than any other. Give her a toy to play with and then ask for it back. Try throwing a ball back and forth with the parent. Use a long feather duster to tickle the child and pull it back directly toward the camera.

When to Take Photos of a Newborn Baby and How to Schedule the Photo Shoot

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Most parents will invest in a professional photographer at least once during their baby's first year. Many people like to get their baby portraits taken while their newborn is 1-2 weeks old. Others prefer to wait until their baby is sitting up and has more expression. But, whatever you decide, with a large number of photographic studios to choose from and an increasing number of mobile photographers in your geographical area, should you use a mobile photographer or a studio?

For parents who wish to capture their newborn during the first couple of weeks, a mobile photographer is a sensible option, particularly if parents are concerned about taking their newborn outside while they are so young. During this delicate time Mum and Dad will no doubt be tired and having the portrait photography completed in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace will help produce the most natural photographs. It will also be more relaxed for your baby, who may well spend much of the shoot asleep (and don't worry about that, because great photos can be achieved while they are sleeping). The mobile photographer can also use natural lighting for the baby portraits and this can produce more natural results.

Some people choose to book their baby photography in a studio as they are concerned that they will not achieve the same results with a mobile photographer. Studio photography using a white backdrop has become very popular in the last decade and many people choose to visit a studio with this set-up. However, there are many mobile photographers who also offer this service - bringing a mobile studio to your home.

Travelling to a studio can also be an unnecessary stress. Mum and Dad will be trying to fit the visit around sleeps and feeds, hoping that their baby will be at their best during the shoot. Typically, a studio will give you an hour slot and there may be little or no flexibility on the day, with the next customer waiting for their shoot after you, if things are being delayed. Mobile photographers who come to your home will usually expect that things rarely go completely to plan. They will have factored in time for breaks and clothes changes and may well have booked the entire morning or afternoon for you. Without the time pressure you can relax.

Another advantage of being at home, is that you have all of your babies toys, clothes and accessories on hand. Toys can help the photographer engage with your baby. Well chosen clothes and accessories can make all the difference in a photo and your photographer will no doubt have opinions on what works best.

Babies can be unpredictable and they are likely to be more relaxed in their home environment and this will be reflected in the photographs. Mobile photography can undoubtedly deliver the same high-quality results as studio portrait photography so you can simply choose the setting you and most importantly, your baby, would feel most comfortable in. Ultimately, the more relaxed that you and baby are, the better your baby portraits will be.