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Babies are a unique subject when taking pictures. They don’t always want to cooperate like an adult will. Often times they will cry when the flash flashes and get tired of being photographed after on a few minutes. Here are a few tips to get the best pictures of your baby.

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Utah Baby and Newborn Photographer 

1. Use a black or white background for Baby Photography in 


Using a solid color background really makes your baby stand out in the picture. The background doesn’t have to be professional or expensive. A white sheet laid across a bed or a black blanket on the floor provides the perfect backdrop to take photographs of your baby.

2. Feelings are good.

Taking a picture of your baby crying is not just good for blackmail when they’re 15, but also good to help you remember what your child was really like on certain occasions.

3. Get down to their level.

If your child is learning to crawl, a picture from directly above them will be boring and won’t show the story. Dropping down to the floor will really give you a view that is memorable. Even setting the camera on the ground will make for a great picture. Baby Photography in 


4. Take a lot of pictures.

My daughter is 7 months old and what I’ve learned is that for every 10 pictures I take, one of them is worth keeping. In the other 9 she’ll be making a funny face, drooling or doing something else that didn’t show the picture that I wanted to capture. That’s OK because digital cameras allow you to take as many pictures of your baby as you would like and delete the ones you don’t want to keep.

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5. Use natural lighting.

Whenever possible, go outside or open some windows to let in the natural light. Natural lighting looks better and is more forgiving than the flash on your camera or your fluorescent and incandescent lighting in your home.

Baby Portrait Photographer

Contemporary Newborn Photographers

Most parents will invest in a professional photographer at least once during their baby's first year. Many people like to get their baby portraits taken while their newborn is 1-2 weeks old. Others prefer to wait until their baby is sitting up and has more expression. But, whatever you decide, with a large number of photographic studios to choose from and an increasing number of mobile photographers in your geographical area, should you use a mobile photographer or a studio?

For parents who wish to capture their newborn during the first couple of weeks, a mobile photographer is a sensible option, particularly if parents are concerned about taking their newborn outside while they are so young. During this delicate time Mum and Dad will no doubt be tired and having the portrait photography completed in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace will help produce the most natural photographs. It will also be more relaxed for your baby, who may well spend much of the shoot asleep (and don't worry about that, because great photos can be achieved while they are sleeping). The mobile photographer can also use natural lighting for the baby portraits and this can produce more natural results.

Some people choose to book their baby photography in a studio as they are concerned that they will not achieve the same results with a mobile photographer. Studio photography using a white backdrop has become very popular in the last decade and many people choose to visit a studio with this set-up. However, there are many mobile photographers who also offer this service - bringing a mobile studio to your home.

Travelling to a studio can also be an unnecessary stress. Mum and Dad will be trying to fit the visit around sleeps and feeds, hoping that their baby will be at their best during the shoot. Typically, a studio will give you an hour slot and there may be little or no flexibility on the day, with the next customer waiting for their shoot after you, if things are being delayed. Mobile photographers who come to your home will usually expect that things rarely go completely to plan. They will have factored in time for breaks and clothes changes and may well have booked the entire morning or afternoon for you. Without the time pressure you can relax.

Another advantage of being at home, is that you have all of your babies toys, clothes and accessories on hand. Toys can help the photographer engage with your baby. Well chosen clothes and accessories can make all the difference in a photo and your photographer will no doubt have opinions on what works best.

Babies can be unpredictable and they are likely to be more relaxed in their home environment and this will be reflected in the photographs. Mobile photography can undoubtedly deliver the same high-quality results as studio portrait photography so you can simply choose the setting you and most importantly, your baby, would feel most comfortable in. Ultimately, the more relaxed that you and baby are, the better your baby portraits will be.

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Modern Baby Photographer

I am a pro photographer, I take portraits of babies on a daily basis, and often explain the importance of having some professional baby photography.

When my daughter was born I suddenly became aware of a common problem, was it just me or was I the only apparent lazy father in the world! There I was taking loads of pictures on my compact digital and on my iPhone, pleased with myself with a mass catalogue of Daisy's precious first few weeks. I would often sit down and look through the files on the camera and phone, seeing how much she had changed. It was only a few weeks later that I became public enemy number one in the household. One day as I was again browsing through the images, my lovely wife mentioned in passing, "it's about time we had some of those printed for the album", I just nodded or made a noise to what she had said. I sat and thought about this for a few seconds and thought to myself, I must choose the best ones to print off as it will of course be cheaper and why do we need all the funny looking ones! This is when it all started...

The general banter went on for a few more weeks, about when I was going to get the images printed, when we were going to sit down and choose the ones we wanted, you get the general idea. A year passed I kid you not, till one day I walked into the photography processing shop and handed the assistant the memory card. I was asked if I wanted to select which ones I wanted printed, I shouted "all of them, just print the lot!" A couple of days past and off I went to collect the images, I got home, we poured a glass of wine and looked through the photographs together, not on a computer, iphone or digital camera just the old fashioned way and it was brilliant funny ones and all!

So enough ranting from me, but here is a little advice. If someone suggests to you to have some professional baby photographs taken, do it, do not hesitate just pay for the experience and in a few weeks time you will have some stunning images of your baby that will last forever, you will be happy, your family will be happy, the whole world will be happy!

For more information about booking some baby portrait photography, with tips on booking your first shoot.