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Babies are a unique subject when taking pictures. They don’t always want to cooperate like an adult will. Often times they will cry when the flash flashes and get tired of being photographed after on a few minutes. Here are a few tips to get the best pictures of your baby.

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1. Use a black or white background for Baby Photography in 


Using a solid color background really makes your baby stand out in the picture. The background doesn’t have to be professional or expensive. A white sheet laid across a bed or a black blanket on the floor provides the perfect backdrop to take photographs of your baby.

2. Feelings are good.

Taking a picture of your baby crying is not just good for blackmail when they’re 15, but also good to help you remember what your child was really like on certain occasions.

3. Get down to their level.

If your child is learning to crawl, a picture from directly above them will be boring and won’t show the story. Dropping down to the floor will really give you a view that is memorable. Even setting the camera on the ground will make for a great picture. Baby Photography in 


4. Take a lot of pictures.

My daughter is 7 months old and what I’ve learned is that for every 10 pictures I take, one of them is worth keeping. In the other 9 she’ll be making a funny face, drooling or doing something else that didn’t show the picture that I wanted to capture. That’s OK because digital cameras allow you to take as many pictures of your baby as you would like and delete the ones you don’t want to keep.

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5. Use natural lighting.

Whenever possible, go outside or open some windows to let in the natural light. Natural lighting looks better and is more forgiving than the flash on your camera or your fluorescent and incandescent lighting in your home.

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I am a pro photographer, I take portraits of babies on a daily basis, and often explain the importance of having some professional baby photography.

When my daughter was born I suddenly became aware of a common problem, was it just me or was I the only apparent lazy father in the world! There I was taking loads of pictures on my compact digital and on my iPhone, pleased with myself with a mass catalogue of Daisy's precious first few weeks. I would often sit down and look through the files on the camera and phone, seeing how much she had changed. It was only a few weeks later that I became public enemy number one in the household. One day as I was again browsing through the images, my lovely wife mentioned in passing, "it's about time we had some of those printed for the album", I just nodded or made a noise to what she had said. I sat and thought about this for a few seconds and thought to myself, I must choose the best ones to print off as it will of course be cheaper and why do we need all the funny looking ones! This is when it all started...

The general banter went on for a few more weeks, about when I was going to get the images printed, when we were going to sit down and choose the ones we wanted, you get the general idea. A year passed I kid you not, till one day I walked into the photography processing shop and handed the assistant the memory card. I was asked if I wanted to select which ones I wanted printed, I shouted "all of them, just print the lot!" A couple of days past and off I went to collect the images, I got home, we poured a glass of wine and looked through the photographs together, not on a computer, iphone or digital camera just the old fashioned way and it was brilliant funny ones and all!

So enough ranting from me, but here is a little advice. If someone suggests to you to have some professional baby photographs taken, do it, do not hesitate just pay for the experience and in a few weeks time you will have some stunning images of your baby that will last forever, you will be happy, your family will be happy, the whole world will be happy!

For more information about booking some baby portrait photography, with tips on booking your first shoot.

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The baby is finally here, and everyone wants pictures! But every time you try to take pictures, your beautiful baby looks like a little wrinkly old person instead of that exquisite being you see before you. Well - here are some tips to capture your newborn for the best results.

- First things first - Turn off the Flash! Use window light for the best natural soft light to show off your baby. Find a window that has an abundance of good light - not direct sun light streaming in, but good indirect sunlight.

- Remove clutter from the background of your shot by putting the baby in a carrier with a solid colored blanket covering it, or on the bed with white sheets.

- Remove the babies clothing down to the diapers. Less clothing is better for newborn photography to really show the baby as they tend to not fit clothing well at this age, and clothing is more of a distraction. If the diapers have cartoons on them, try to cover the cartoons by folding the diaper over, or putting fabric over that area - or take your chances and remove that diaper! Work quickly at this point if you choose this route.

- With your camera ready, making sure the babies face and body is turned toward the light from the window, start taking pictures from different angles. Try to fill the frame with the baby and the solid colored blanket or sheet - avoiding additional clutter or items that may get into your background. Do not try to get the baby to smile - just take a series of images from different angles, with some of the baby looking at the camera and some of the baby's profile, some of the top of the head etc. Keep working your way around the baby talking and singing to your baby to try to engage them. If the baby starts fussing, soothe them as needed and when they are calm, try again. If they fall asleep - no problem - photograph them while sleeping! Take more pictures than you think you need - you never know which ones you will like. Make sure to get come full body, some half body and some close ups of face, hands, feet and other cute, memorable body parts - like the fuzzy wrinkly shoulders, funny hair lines, and more.

- Now it is time to develop the images- whether on your computer or at the lab, develop your pictures and then sit down and go through them, looking with an artistic eye to choose the ones that capture the baby that you see, and this time in your life.