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Babies are a unique subject when taking pictures. They don’t always want to cooperate like an adult will. Often times they will cry when the flash flashes and get tired of being photographed after on a few minutes. Here are a few tips to get the best pictures of your baby.

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Utah Baby and Newborn Photographer 

1. Use a black or white background for Baby Photography in 


Using a solid color background really makes your baby stand out in the picture. The background doesn’t have to be professional or expensive. A white sheet laid across a bed or a black blanket on the floor provides the perfect backdrop to take photographs of your baby.

2. Feelings are good.

Taking a picture of your baby crying is not just good for blackmail when they’re 15, but also good to help you remember what your child was really like on certain occasions.

3. Get down to their level.

If your child is learning to crawl, a picture from directly above them will be boring and won’t show the story. Dropping down to the floor will really give you a view that is memorable. Even setting the camera on the ground will make for a great picture. Baby Photography in 


4. Take a lot of pictures.

My daughter is 7 months old and what I’ve learned is that for every 10 pictures I take, one of them is worth keeping. In the other 9 she’ll be making a funny face, drooling or doing something else that didn’t show the picture that I wanted to capture. That’s OK because digital cameras allow you to take as many pictures of your baby as you would like and delete the ones you don’t want to keep.

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5. Use natural lighting.

Whenever possible, go outside or open some windows to let in the natural light. Natural lighting looks better and is more forgiving than the flash on your camera or your fluorescent and incandescent lighting in your home.

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Big blue eyes staring out from a photo frame. The first reaction: wanting to reach out to the nearest person and squeezing their cheeks. Ever wondered how the photographer managed to capture that endearing expression on a baby's face. Baby photography 101 is out on the Internet and some serious browsing will get one started. Cute baby photos, funny baby photos, mischievous snaps and any other emotion one can capture, photography lets one exercise their creativity to the hilt.

Getting started with photography is relatively easy. One can never go wrong with capturing photos of a cherubic baby. Babies lend themselves for a variety of shots, candid, amusing, hilarious, naughty, angelic it only remains for the photographer wanting to capture these and more. Even novices can get great baby photographs as babies make for ready subjects waiting to be framed.

Baby photography has become a profession very much in demand. Parents are willing to hire the services of a photographer to record those transitory phases. Baby photography involves being quick, always being on the lookout for that 'special' moment and of course keeping a camera ever-ready. As with child photography, baby photography also has its own sets of challenges like dealing with anxious parents and at times a colic baby. If there is patience and some amount of parenting skills, baby photography can be a special profession like teaching.

Child photography is interesting and one cannot complain of monotony. Babies are sure to provide an interesting portfolio of photographs. Don't be afraid to take too many photos especially with digital cameras this makes a lot more sense. Mobile cameras also are good gadgets to indulge in baby photography as any decent mobile phone offers 5.0 megapixel and more which allows sharp crisp images. Though most people prefer color shots experiment with black and white photographs as well, you would be amazed at the result. Baby photography is all about experimentation and creativity.

Unleash the creativity by choosing plain backdrops and interesting props. Soft woolen blankets made out into a nest, fluffed cotton and feathers, soft toys, an ordinary diaper, your grandmother's glasses these are just a few of the props that make for an interesting arrangement. Always place a soft mattress under the spot where you plan to pose the baby. Remove all sharp objects, and do not mix pets and babies together. Both are temperamental and make a bad combination.

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A new baby is often a landmark moment for many couples so pictures are an important part of remembering the special moments. It is only natural that we would wish to document this new family addition via photograph -after all, kids don't stay babies forever. However, newborn photography comes complete with its own unique set of challenges, and if you're not prepared you may find yourself missing irreplaceable moments in your child's life.

Here are a few things to keep in mind that will ensure photos of your new baby always turn out great:

Always Be Prepared

In the world of babies, almost everything that happens can be considered a "first." Your baby will come home for the first time, laugh for the first time, take their first bath - the list is endless. One of the best ways to make sure you catch every one of these priceless moments is to keep your camera nearby at all times. Keep extra batteries ready to go and as much film as you can stand to have around the house. You will never know when something great is going to happen so it always pays to be prepared.

Use the Right Type of Light

A bright, direct flash is not flattering to any person, newborns included. Whenever you can, always look for indirect or natural light when taking pictures of your newborn. Often times soft light creates soft shadows that can often cover up the slight imperfections that most babies have. If you're really concerned about how your newborn looks you can always digitally airbrush out the little imperfections.

Don't Forget to Put Down Your Camera

You may be so concerned with taking pictures of your new baby's first that you may miss out on experiencing the moment. Don't forget to focus on having fun with your child and be happy to put the camera down to spend time with your child. It really doesn't matter if you miss a few pictures here and there as spending time with your baby is far more important than any picture. And, if you act fast you can often catch unpredictable moments and get some great photos.

Show Relationships

A newborn is certainly an important addition to a family, but you will find that pictures of a lone baby can get boring quite fast. Don't forget to get other family members interacting with your newborn. Not only will this serve to record your child's first meetings with important figures in their lives, but it will also give your child great joy to be able to see how important they were to everyone (laughing at everyone's ridiculous hair styles is a bonus, as well). One thing you can do is try to take photos of everyone in your family holding the baby at different events so you'll have all kinds of photos to share.

Schedule Your Shoots

Many babies are on a pretty routine schedule so take advantage of it. Pay attention to the times when your child seems the most active or happy and take advantage of taking pictures during those times. Babies are certainly unpredictable, but a general idea of when yours is most agreeable will go a long way towards helping you capture happy moments.

Most importantly, don't allow yourself to get stressed out trying to capture every last thing. Taking pictures of your new baby should never be a burden, so it's important to know when it's great to take pictures and when to let go. Make sure to not let your desire for getting the perfect picture outweigh the importance of spending quality time with your child. Shoot lots of pictures, always keep that camera close, and the rest will take care of itself.